Terms of Service

The service is provided by Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Am Stadtpark 9, 1030 Vienna.

Please note that this platform is currently in a testing phase (Beta Version) and the service is provided for testing purposes only. Thus, please note that all delivered outcome is solely based on preliminary results of the peer groups derived from the underlying test data and will not be reviewed or authenticated. Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI AG) bears no responsibility for its accuracy and is not responsible for any actions taken, based on the information provided within this service. 

The service aims to provide the user with information that will enable him to take informed financial decisions, by showing him how others are managing their personal finances and how other people like him achieve their financial goals.

Nicole provides:

  • Financial peer comparison.

This data is collected and processed by RBI independently of the information that the user has provided. This is part of our service and is offered as a value provided to the user. The financial peer comparison comprises data on spending categories such as groceries, rent, going out, bills and utilities. The data of the underlying peer group is anonymized.

  • Financial options

Data on financial options shows the user how other people in similar financial situations have financed their financial goal (in this case the acquisition of a car).