How to save money on groceries

You leave with a bag full of stuff you didn’t plan to buy, and an empty wallet. Story of every time you go grocery shopping, right? Now, since we all have to eat, there really is no way around the grocery store. But there are some tricks to avoid overspending – 5 of them, to be exact.

Chances are you’re spending more on groceries than you’d need to. In today’s supermarkets it’s all too easy to get carried away and end up buying much more than you planned to. But despite the temptation, buying groceries and preparing your meal at home is still the cheapest option to get fed. And it might get even cheaper if you follow these money-saving tips.


1. Make a shopping list

Plan your meals and think about what items you need to prepare them. Then make a list and stick to it. This way, you can make sure not to forget anything you need and, more importantly, it will keep you from buying things you actually don’t need.

2. Go shopping only once a week

If you split your weekly groceries into many parts, your brain will be tricked into thinking that you spend much less than you actually do. You will naturally be underestimating the total amount you’re using on groceries. And at the end of the month a bad surprise might be waiting for you when having a look at your account.

3. Don’t go to the store when you’re hungry

By going shopping when hungry you set yourself up for failure! You’ll almost certainly buy more than you can eat. So, avoid going to the store after work when you’re already craving dinner. Instead, try to get your shopping done on the weekends, when you can go about it with a fresh mind and a full stomach.

4.Try to eat with the seasons

Shopping the produce that’s in season has multiple advantages:

  • It will save you money because it doesn’t have to be imported from far-away countries.

  • By that you’re saving the environment too.

  • It brings variety to your meal plan.
  • It makes for a super-nutritious and healthy diet.

5.Get creative with what you have

Try to make your meals around what you already got at home. You might be surprised what delicacies sit in your cupboard, once you start looking for new ways of putting together a meal.



To wrap it up, you most probably can save a lot of cash on groceries without having to sacrifice the quality of what you’re eating. All you need to do is plan your purchase right and introduce some flexibility into your meal plan. Bon appétit!