Hi, I’m Nicole.

Do you know how others manage their money?

I do. And I can show you how people your county, income and household size save, invest, and spend their money.

At the moment, I have only insights about Romania. But I am continuously learning and will cover other countries soon


Discover how others manage their money and find the right way for you

Want to optimize your expenses? Nicole shows you how to make it happen.

Managing money isn’t always easy. What helps are good examples to follow. Learn from your peers which options they choose to optimize their budget.

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How your brain keeps you from saving

Have you ever wondered why saving is so hard? Well, the answer lies in the psychological conditioning of the human brain.

The power of peer comparison

People tend to significantly adapt their behavior according to what others do. Now, that’s old news. However, it is often underestimated just how powerful this social mechanism is.

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